With 12+ years’ experience in the hospitality industry specialized in group and catering sales, we have developed strong relationships with hotels worldwide, which provides unparalleled benefits to our clients.

Our goal at The Hotel Pro is to be an asset to your organization by optimizing your hotel budget while simplifying the booking process. By allowing us to source your event, we can leverage the buying power of not only your brand but that of The Hotel Pro and all our clients as a whole, to your advantage.

We provide: We negotiate additional services:

* Extensive Database of Production Friendly Hotels

* Complimentary Quotes within 24 Hours

* Highly Negotiated rates

* Contract Negotiation

* Group Air Services Available

* Time Efficiency

* Problem Solving

* Team of Experts Working For You

* Complimentary Parking for Producers

* Welcome Amenities

* VIP Upgrade

* Collection Room / Production Office

* Free or Reduced Breakfast

* Free WIFI

* Waived Resort Fee


 Browse through our extensive list of Production Friendly Hotels to find the perfect match to your needs based on location